Dear Shilo Hair Salon Customers

Hope everyone is well!:)

Thank you for our customers with your patience!


Great News! Shilo Hair Salon will be re-opening from 14.May.2020.

There are safety guidelines to keep us safe from Covid-19 in Level2.

1. If you are sick or feeling unwell, please stay at home.

2. Please use sanitizer provided when entering.

3. Please record full contact details for all customers for contact tracing purpose.

4. Please remain outside salon, unless you have an appointment. Only one customer with one Hairdresser will be permitted.(No family or friends inside as a group)

Thank you for your co-operation and understanding!!

We  look forward to seeing you soon:)

-Shilo Hair Salon Team.

실로헤어살롱 고객님들께,

고객님들 모두 건강히 잘지내셧나요~ 실로헤어살롱이 2020년 5월14일부터 다시 영업을 시작합니다!

기다려주신 고객님들께 감사드립니다!:)

Covid-19 레벨2로부터 안전을 지키기위한 몇가지 규칙을 꼭! 기억해주세요.

1. 몸이 안좋으시거나 아프시다면 집에서 쉬시고, 곧 건강한모습으로 만나요~

2. 문앞에 배치되어있는 소독제로 손을닦아주세요~

3. 방문하실때에는 예약을 하신 고객님께서만 예약시간에 들어오실수있습니다. 디자이너선생님 한명당 고객님 한분만 살롱에 들어오실수있으십니다. (가족,친구 그룹이 같이 들어오실수없으세요)

협조와 이해해주심에 너무 감사드립니다!!:)

건강한 모습으로 곧 찾아뵙도록 하겠습니다! 감사합니다~


 -실로헤어살롱 일동.

About Us

Shilo Hair Salon was established in 2017 as boutique hair salon located at Shop10/51 William Pickering Drive, Albany, Auckland. Our philosophy is to provide our customers with premium service at affordable prices. We believe in an individual approach to hairdressing, where hair is a chance to express your unique personality and a sense of style.

With decades of industry experience and a passion for what we do, our staff bring skill and flare to their hairdressing. For us service means taking the time to listen to and understand our customers, in order to provide the best service possible. This is unlike many large salons, which charge high prices for a superficial level of service.

At Shilo Hair Salon are professional, but above all we are personal. For us it is all about building long term relationships with our clients. Nothing makes us more excited than delighting our customers with the perfect haircut and style. Hairdressing is a chance to relax and enjoy yourself, and come out feeling refreshed and transformed. We believe its our warm, personal approach and genuine commitment to our customers that sets us apart from the crowd.


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​모량이  많으신분들에게  너무 손질 쉽고

하늘하늘한 스타일의

허쉬펌을 강추합니다~



때로는 소녀스럽게  때로는 시크하게 표현되며

따뜻해지는 계절과  자연스럽게 어우러집니다

Hershey Perm

Recommended  to customers  with lot of hair.  Layered cut  is lightly presented with great texture.

Hurshey perm creates two different expressions between Chic and  girlish look and well suitable for warm weather!

포인트 애쉬블루

시원하고 신비로운 느낌의 애쉬블루!! 

애쉬블루를 포인트로 넣어주면

부담스럽지않는 스타일 완성! 

조금더 어둡게 하면 네이비블루!! 

모발에 따라 탈색후 가능하십니다~

Point Ash Blue

Refreshing and mystic look of Ash Blue. Makes a statement without being burdensome. If you want darker shade, it becomes navy blue.


코랄핑크와 블론드한 색감이

감도는 사랑스러운 칼라!!

모발에 따라 탈색후 가능합니다~

Peah Blonde

Coral pink and Blonde hues create a romantic feel!

Bleaching may be needed depending on hair type. 

레트로 히피펌

뿌리부분에서 부터  웨이브가  이어져 

자유분방하고 내츄럴한 스타일~

​​차분해보이기보다  약간부스스한느낌으로

스타일을 연출하는것이 포인트!!

Retro Hippie Perm

Creating perms from the roots creating free natural style with volume.

It is opposite to stable look, it is free style of curls  and messy look is the key point to this hair style!


두가지 이상의 색이

자연스러운 음영을 만들어

더욱 생동감을 불어 넣어 주는 칼라!!


2 or more colors gives your hair a natural and

vivid look.

베이지 블론드

한색과 난색의 만나 완성되는

오묘하고 신비로운 헤어 칼라~


Beige Blonde


A mixture of cool and warm tones give a delicate and mystic look.


Come and get a great hair.

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Mon - Sat : 9am - 6pm

​​Thursday : 9am - 7pm 

​Sunday: 12am - 5pm

Tuesday Closed


Shop10/51 William Pickering Drive. Rosedale, Albany, Auckland 0632

Tel: 09-448-5696

Parking Entre is in Rosedale Road.

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